Mein Kampf Introduction

The introduction to Mein Kampf provides some important nuance to anyone who decides to pick up this terrible excuse for literature, and I agree with a lot of its assertions. It’s understandable why some people out there would rather nobody read Mein Kampf in any context, due to fear of the ideas being revived. However, I believe that, when taught through a critical lens, it can be very valuable to read; however it must be taught correctly. If the reader has an understanding of the terrible consequences this book and, consequently, Hitler’s regime brought upon the world, they are very unlikely to agree with Hitler’s philosophies.

That’s why I feel like introductions such as this one are very important. They can provide historical context and a better understanding of the conditions that led to an event. It can ensure people reading the text are doing so for the right reasons. Reading this book probably won’t be easy, but I feel as if doing so will help me recognize patterns and dog whistles of fascism, racism, antisemitism, and other harmful rhetoric. I wholeheartedly agree with the phrase “Those who don’t know their own history are doomed to repeat it,” so if I can’t look forward to actually reading the text, at least I can look forward to the knowledge I’ll gain because of it.

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