The Turner Diaries

Reading this racist self-insert fantasy story was definitely not an enjoyable experience. The author clearly has no self-awareness and the way MacDonald reaches so hard to pretend white people are oppressed, especially to such a severe degree, is insane. Not only that, but it’s poorly written too. A lot of the writing has been clearly plagiarized, from other racist manifestos such as the Unabomber’s “Industrial Society and its Future.” Any normal person knows that this text is just racist propaganda. Unfortunately, it has inspired harmful rhetoric in too many people, inspiring hate crimes and quite possibly the January 6th storming of the United States capitol; “The day of the rope” was a publicized event referenced in the Turner Diaries in which nonwhite people as well as traitors of the white race were hanged. Some people involved in the January 6th Storming also referred to that day as the Day of the Rope, which shows how harmful rhetoric can have real life consequences. I don’t believe that this text would have become so well known and infamous, however, if MacDonald didn’t commit acts of terrorism himself. I think it’s important that we don’t give names to these people, or publicize their acts, because they can inspire more hatred in the world.

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